City of Richardson – Issues

Why am I Running for City Council? Where do I stand on the issues?

The question I am asked most frequently is: ‘Why are you running for City Council?” 

My answer is simple: I love the City of Richardson and I want to ensure that our legacy of a great city continues. Here are a few more of my viewpoints:

Richardson’s Legacy: 

The City of Richardson has a strong legacy of economic development, continued work on infrastructure, and our neighborhoods. I am a strong proponent of these features of our city and want them to continue. Additionally, I believe we need to focus on diversity, collaboration and transparency in all aspects of our City.

City Demographics: 

Richardson has a great city dynamic of old and young individuals. I believe we have a very good start in meeting the needs of both an aging population and incoming younger groups.

  • Entertainment areas for our youth should be encouraged and balanced to ensure a good mix for youth as well as older adults.
  • Continued focus on public transportation will help all in managing movement throughout our City as well.
  • Continued focus on our neighborhoods and HOA’s

Financial Incentives to Companies:

Richardson provides financial incentives for some businesses in order for them to relocate to Richardson. I believe this is the lifeblood of a strong city, and these efforts need to continue. These incentives bring jobs, increased earnings opportunities and increased tax bases to our community. Additionally, I believe we need to work from a regional perspective to ensure we maximize our ability to attract economic-development opportunities for Richardson from outside of the area.

View on Small Businesses: 

Small businesses are still the ultimate “American dream” and are vital to the economy of Richardson. I believe it’s important to make our infrastructure sound and to improve declining areas to make small-business areas more appealing. I would work to help make Richardson “All Business Friendly,” not just big businesses.

My Priorities if elected:

  • Enhance the quality of life for our stakeholders
  • Increase the sense of community and citizen engagement. A transparent and culturally diverse community will allow strong engagement by our community.
  • Attract and retain targeted businesses, increase the number, quality and variety of job opportunities throughout the City. A strong economic base in our City will decrease the tax burden on individuals while creating new jobs.

My Vision for the City of Richardson: 

I believe one of the largest issues Richardson is facing and will continue to face is continued economic recovery, given the recent pandemic, and focus on infrastructure. Additionally, I believe we need to be a united City Council and city administration. Disagreement will occur, but we must then find common ground and unite to move our city forward. I believe my professional experience and track record demonstrates an ability to work toward consensus in carrying out a united plan from diverse viewpoints. With this approach I believe we can be a City of rich diversity with a strong economic focus and continue to be one of the greatest places to live.

* I would love to answer your questions, or to meet your club, homeowners association, church, or community to share my viewpoints. Please feel free to contact me!