City of Richardson - Issues

Why am I Running for City Council? Where do I stand on the issues?


The question I am asked most frequently is: ‘Why are you running for City Council?” 

My answer is simple: I love the City of Richardson and I want to ensure that our legacy of a great city continues. Here are a few more of my viewpoints: 

Richardson’s Legacy: 

The City of Richardson has a strong legacy of economic development and continued work on infrastructure. I am a strong proponent of these features of our city and want them to continue. I believe we have one of the finest cities in the DFW area and feel if we do not continue to work collaboratively within our city, we will introduce the strife seen in other cities who are failing. Additionally, I believe we need to focus on diversity, collaboration and transparency in all aspects of our City.

City Demographics: 

Richardson has a great city dynamic of old and young individuals. I believe 

we have a very good start in meeting the needs of both an aging population and incoming younger groups. I feel that our Senior Center Facility should continue to be a focus for our community as well as attention given to the housing needs for seniors, families and young professionals. Entertainment areas for our youth should be encouraged and balanced to ensure a good mix for youth as well as older adults. Continued focus on public transportation will help all in managing movement throughout our City as well. I also believe a solid review of our City's budget would be a great start to ensure both groups are represented in the funding of focus to both groups.

Financial Incentives to Companies:

 Richardson provides financial incentives for some businesses in order for them to relocate to Richardson. I have seen the carefully selected and cultivated businesses the city has worked with and I would utilize all opportunities to use economic incentives and tax grants to continue the strong economic base we have in our community to attract future companies. I believe this is the lifeblood of a strong city, and these efforts need to continue. These incentives bring jobs, increased earnings opportunities and increased tax bases to our community. Additionally, I believe we need to work from a regional perspective to ensure we maximize our ability to attract economic-development opportunities for Richardson from outside of the area. 

View on Small Businesses: 

Small businesses are still the ultimate “American dream” and are vital to the economy of Richardson. I would encourage the maintenance and growth of small business by looking at the current zoning regulations and approving an ease in city regulations for start-up businesses. I believe it’s important to make our infrastructure sound and to improve declining areas to make small-business areas more appealing. The work and efforts being done to revitalize the main street area and sub-district is a good start. I would work to help make Richardson “All Business Friendly,” not just big businesses.


My Priorities if elected:

1) Enhance the quality of life for our stakeholders- I believe we need to continue to invest a significant part of our resources to infrastructure improvement and to enhance areas of recreation for our community. 

2) Increase the sense of community and citizen engagement. A transparent and culturally diverse community will allow strong engagement by our community. 

3) Attract and retain targeted businesses, increase the number, quality and variety of job opportunities throughout the City. A strong economic base in our City will decrease the tax burden on individuals while creating new jobs.

The Elephant in the Room: 

The citizens of Richardson are hurt and dismayed by the Federal Court ruling and allegation of Richardson’s former mayor. I believe it is a true tragedy, yet I also believe it is an isolated occurrence and not indicative of the good work our city leaders perform, or of the good work they have done for our community.

In my professional career, when a problem is noted we perform a root cause analysis to ensure that the occurrence is likely not to reoccur. I believe we need to take the same approach and ensure that our Code of Ethics and investigation techniques are above reproach with full transparency to ensure this cannot happen again. I strongly believe in transparency and gaining full trust of our citizens. We need to talk about the tough issues facing our city and ensure our processes are sound so we can gain/maintain the trust of our citizens. 

My Vision for the City of Richardson: 

I believe one of the largest issues Richardson is facing and will continue to face is continued economic development and focus on infrastructure. I have watched other cities not place a priority on this and have watched the community decline. I believe the legacy work performed by previous City Councils and city administration has provided for a strong Richardson, and I believe this work needs to continue. Additionally, I believe we need to be a united City Council and city administration. Disagreement will occur, but we must then find common ground and unite to move our city forward. I believe my professional experience and track record demonstrates an ability to work toward consensus in carrying out a united plan from diverse viewpoints. With this approach I believe we can be a City of rich diversity with a strong economic focus and continue to be one of the greatest places to live.

* I would love to answer your questions, or to meet your club, home-owners association, church, or community to share my viewpoints. Please feel free to contact me!